Make Your House a Star


Even in a seller’s market, your home needs to stand out among the rest. Here are some ways you can get your home sale-ready:

Fix its Flaws – Leaky roof, cracked windows, rickety stairs, or plumbing problems? Scrutinize your house in a way a potential buyer would and make the necessary repairs to avoid risking alienating buyers who may not want to do the work themselves.

Clean – Clean the windows, drapes, molding, furniture, and fixtures – everything the buyer will see, and even places like closets, cabinets, drawers, the yard, driveway and garage.  Give the house a thorough polish and remove clutter and anything that does not have a place.

List the Home – For a successful sale, hire an experienced broker who has a marketing strategy, will accurately list the home’s sale price and get the job done.  Jean Groesbeck & Assoc. LLC’s team of full-time brokers located in Old Town Anacortes works for you.

Sell ItTeam Groesbeck will get your home the attention it deserves and ensures a smooth transaction! We are the Anacortes real estate experts!

If you are considering selling your home, contact Jean Groesbeck & Assoc. LLC today for a complimentary, no-obligation market analysis of your home.  We are available daily and can be reached at (360) 941-3734 or at