The Dos and Don’ts of Selling your Home in the Winter

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful dinner with their loved ones tonight! I for one am excited for the upcoming holiday season in our lovely city of Anacortes. But, with all that excitement comes the stress of preparing one’s house—especially, if you’re considering putting your home on the market during this hectic time of year. One of the most common questions I receive is when to buy a home or when to sell a home.

Earlier this week we discussed the perks of buying a home during the winter season but did you know this is also a great time to put your house on the market? Home buyers during this season have a greater sense of urgency to find a home than home buyers during the spring and summer. Did you know that the average home seller that sells their home in December through March ends up receiving more than their asking price? So what are you waiting for?

Here are the dos and don’ts of selling a home during the holiday season.

A great example on how to decorate your home for the season while keeping it simple.

1. Staging: Who doesn’t love to decorate their house for the holidays? Unfortunately, it’s easy to get carried away with the decorations and hide some of the best features of your home. You want to accent what you have to offer and not overwhelm those who are coming to view the house. Keep decorating to a minimum but don’t be afraid to use some of those decorations to emphasize the best features. Having an inviting and cozy home is a great way to help a potential home buyer view what they could be purchasing.

2. Pricing: This is very important when listing your home. During the wintertime, home prices play a huge roll in whether people will look at your home. You want to stay away from pricing your home too high because your house may stay on the market for too long. You also don’t want to price it too low as you may lose out on potential gain, although it might trigger multiple offers and allow you select from several offers to purchase your home . To price correctly, not only reference similar houses and their closing prices, but also the prices of homes for sale currently on the real estate market that have similar features. Here is a great form to figure out that perfect selling price.

3. Schedule a home tune-up: Bring in a home inspector or specific professionals to check-up on your furnace, chimney, and roof. These are especially important during the wintertime as many people will be thinking about heating costs. If you know there may be problems, consider inexpensive upgrades such as adding insulation to your attic.

While it looks like the plants on this home are still growing, the mulch gives a much cleaner look than dead grass

4. Curb Appeal: Don’t ignore your yard! Just because the grass and flowers may be turning brown doesn’t mean that you can’t make your yard look good! Some of my favorite winter garden upgrades are pulling out the dead plants, planting winter pansies and placing mulch in the flower beds. While nothing will be growing, it adds a little bit of a natural color and can give your yard a clean look. Give your trees a nice trim, especially those evergreens.

5. Maximize your lighting: Everyone in Washington knows it gets dark early during winter days. It’s very important to make sure both the exterior and interior of your home are well lit. Since natural light isn’t going to have much to offer during this time, a nicely lit room with lighting that isn’t too harsh is a great way to warm up a home.  Holiday lighting on the outside of your house can also make it look more inviting.

This living room combines natural light with cozy ceiling lights.

I hope these tips inspire you to think about listing your home in the winter months!  If you’re considering buying a home in Skagit County, Oak Harbor, or Anacortes, WA, a great place to start is our website. If you are looking to put your house on the market in the coming months or just want to entertain the option of how much your house is worth, talk to your realtor: Jean Groesbeck today!

Jean Groesbeck: or  360-941-3734.

Why Should You Wait? Winter can be the Best Season to Buy.

Did you know that in many cases it is actually less expensive to own a house rather than rent one?

In Skagit County, the average price of a home is around $247,250 while the average cost to rent a house is $1,463. Initially, the upfront costs of buying a house can seem like a lot more. Plus, thinking about a mortgage can be intimidating but with rent prices increasing and mortgages at an all-time low, now is the perfect time to consider buying that home you’ve dreamed of.

If you qualify for a mortgage, have the funds for a down payment, and intend to live in a home long enough to cover the transaction costs—you will be better off financially if you buy as soon as you can. After all, if you’re already tired of the house you’ve been in, that feeling is just going to grow!

Typically, summer is thought to be the best time to buy a house; the weather and school calendar make this a convenient season. Because most people consider that time as the right time, hidden gems that go up for sale in the winter are often overlooked.

So, if you are ready, consider looking for a home now instead of early spring. You will have more choices and less competition, and you can lock in today’s rates rather than risk rates increasing. Click here for wonderful winter options!

Skagit County Washington and Anacortes, Washington are great places to buy a home and with the market growing, now is a wonderful time to buy or sell! If you’re interested in finding out whether you can afford a home, contact Jean Groesbeck , Anacortes Living. If you would like more information on buying versus renting,read more about it here.

Five Tips for Luxury on a Budget

Everyone loves the look of high-end furniture and custom designed room decor. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget it can take to get these items. With these five tips, you can give your house a luxurious look without the expense.

A stencil is a great way to add a different design to your walls.

1. Paint your walls: An easy way to give a room a fresh look is changing the color of the walls. With all the different types of paint, finding one that suits you is as simple as going to the hardware store and picking out of few samples. A look that is sophisticated but also personalized is to use a neutral color and add an accent wall for extra emphasis.
2. Add Curtains: Another great option for making a room feel more expensive is the use of curtains. Curtains are very easy to make which can help cut down the cost. By hanging them higher than your window, you will give the illusion that your room is taller than it actually is.
3. Update old hardware: This is an easy way to update your space to give it more of a high end appearance. Crystal knobs or silver colored knobs will take your room to a look of luxury home.  This is often the most important upgrade you can do when putting your home on the market to sell.

Baskets are a great way to hide clutter!

4. Remove knick-knacks and clutter: The cheapest of all my tips is as simple as organizing your home. Matching containers such as baskets are a great way to hide items while giving a uniform look.

5. Define a focal point: When designing a room it is easy to get carried away with different elements and furniture. If you are on a budget, just focus on one focal point in the main room. This could be a couch or even a piece of artwork. Finding something you love and designing around it will give you inspiration and take the stress off of buying other expensive items.

Find your home today with Anacortes Living!

These are great tips not only for decorating a home but for staging a home to sell too! For more helpful staging tips visit my page on furniture and preparing your home for selling.

Luxury and waterfront home sales in Anacortes, La Conner and throughout the San Juan Islands are on the rise!  If you own a waterfront or water home in Skagit or San Juan County, this spring could be the best time to sell.  If you want to sell your home this spring, please contact us now.  There are things you can be doing now to insure  your home sells for top dollar! Jean Groesbeck, Anacortes Living

The Top Five Reasons Why YOU Should Work with a Realtor

Anacortes Living: Jean Groesbeck

1. Professional Experience: Buying or selling a home is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you will make. Even if you have done it before, home regulations, laws, and markets are constantly changing. The average price of a home in the Anacortes area is over $300,000; considering the potential risk, hiring a realtor is a relatively small cost. Would you diagnose a disease without the help of a doctor or file a lawsuit without a lawyer? Think of a realtor in the same way: an expert in the field.
2. Information and Educated Opinions: Again, a realtor is an experienced professional. They can help provide information about zoning, schools, crime in the area and specific information about each property that may not be available to the general public. A professional will look out for your best interest and help you find a home that is perfect for your needs.
3. Selling or Buying Can be a Complicated Process: The process of buying or selling already is overwhelming. Many different factors go into it and that’s not even including the paperwork! Let a professional lead the way and avoid costly mistakes.
4. Skilled Negotiations: Negotiating with the other party is one of the main duties a realtor has. There are many factors that are arranged when selling or buying a home. Those include price, terms, date of possession, financing, repairs and many more. Your agent has the experience you need for getting the best out of what you’re buying.
5. Objectivity: One of the most important attributes of a realtor is that they have absolutely no emotional ties to your home. If you’re selling your house, they can evaluate each buyer’s proposal and resolve any issues without involving feelings about the other party.

Just one of the beautiful homes for sale in Anacortes, Washington

Are you ready to buy a home in Anacortes, Wa or in Skagit County? Click here to see listings in the area. Visit or email Jean at for more information.

Home of the Week: A Boaters’ and Wine Connoisseur’s Paradise

5707 Kingsway Anacortes, WA 98221

Have you ever dreamed of going home after a long day at the office, slipping into some comfortable clothes and settling down with a nice glass of wine to watch the sun set on the San Juan Islands?  Or, jump in your boat moored on your dock and catch a little evening fishing? Realize your dreams in this stunning Skyline community home in Anacortes, Washington.

Spectacular 1500 Bottle Wine Cellar

Skyline is known for its beautiful beaches, parks, clubhouses, and the Skyline Marina. With a deck that gives a full view of the marina and your boat dock, and a 1500+ bottle wine cellar, 5707 Kingsway Anacortes, WA 98221 cannot disappoint! Other features of this amazing house include koa and slate floors both with an inlayed Compass Rose, a luxurious master suite with an oversized shower, heated floors, and a spa tub, two separate guest suites, and an expansive kitchen and dining room. Built in 2004 and owned by the original family, it is obvious that a lot of heart went into the design and layout of this home.

With just over a 90 minute drive to the heart of downtown Seattle and a short boat ride to the San Juan Islands or the Canadian Gulf Islands, this Anacortes home is in a perfect location for anyone that enjoys frequent adventures.

For more amazing benefits of living in the skyline area please visit

If you would like to tour this beautiful home in Anacortes, Washington, please call Jean Groesbeck at (360) 941-3734 or email

5707 Kingsway Anacortes, WA 98221

November Activities and Events in Anacortes

November is here in Anacortes, Washington!

Can you believe it’s already November here in Anacortes? This year has seemed to fly by and along with the holiday season comes plenty of things to do in Skagit County, Washington. The Anacortes Community Theater is concluding their 51st season with their final show of the year: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” With tickets only costing $18, it makes a perfect outing for a fun night. The Anacortes Art Commission has their First Friday Art Walk on November 6th; don’t miss seeing the wonderful work of our local artist community! The “Salish Sea Art Exhibit: Life on the Saanich Peninsula B.C.” will also be featured on the weekend of the 6th at the Anacortes Depot Arts & Community Center.

The Anacortes Art Commission

The 12th annual Brewgrass! event, a mixture of local bluegrass and microbrew lands on the weekend of the 13th and 14th. That Saturday we also have a vintage market at the Port of Anacortes!

November holidays give us the Veteran’s Day ceremony on the 11th with several guest speakers and music from Skagit Swings band and finally, Thanksgiving, on November 26th, brings a plethora of good eats with our locally owned restaurants.

Anacortes is filled with wonderful outdoor activities and events that benefit the community happening throughout the year. Are you new to the area? Want to learn more about our great coastal community? Click Here

If you have an event that’s happening in November or December and would like to be featured in our next ‘Things to Do in Anacortes’, please contact Jean Groesbeck at or by phone at 360-941-3734 and visit our website at

Open House this Friday in Anacortes, WA!

3907 Isle Way at The Isles in Anacortes, WA

Our amazing Eileen Hebert will be hosting an open house in Anacortes, WA tomorrow, Friday June 26 from 2pm to 5pm .

Come and see what The Isles is all about! Eco-friendly luxury living in the heart of Anacortes, Washington.

Nestled among the great evergreens of the Pacific Northwest, this neighborhood of 17 eco-friendly homes is designed to be both luxurious and convenient. The hand selected craftsman details allow you to enjoy your own island oasis. Stunning views of the Guemes Channel and San Juan Islands abound at The Isles.

Windows encased in naturally finished hemlock accentuate and showcase the gorgeous views from each room of these finely finished homes. Custom cabinets of Alder wood, hemlock wainscoting, Brazilian Cherry floors, slab granite, ductless heat pump, surround sound, designer carpet & fixtures provide casual elegance. Clubhouse, waterfall, outdoor living area, & lush grounds maintained for you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this beautiful eco-friendly home in Anacortes for sale!

Stunning Views of the Guemes Channel & San Juan Islands

Where: 3907 Isle Way  Anacortes, WA

When: Friday June 26, 2015

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

For more information on this gorgeous home for sale in Anacortes, please contact Jean Groesbeck at (360) 941-3734 or

Happy Father’s Day – Weekend

We hope that everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend!

Did you know …Father’s Day officially began in 1910 in Spokane, Washington? Yes! in our very own state. Sonora Smart Dodd proposed it as a way to honor her dad; the man who raised  6 children on his own. It is said that Dodd was thinking about how grateful she was for her father when she had the idea for Father’s Day. She decided it should be celebrated in June – her dad’s birth month.

The first father’s day was celebrated in June 19, 1910 in Spokane, WA but it wouldn’t be until 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday of June to be Father’s Day.Six years later, President Richard Nixon made it a federal holiday.

Of course we don’t need Father’s Day to remind us that Dad will always be a girl’s first crush and a boy’s first hero but it is good to make it a little bit extra special once a year…right?

Newly Constructed Home in Anacortes! Amazing Territorial and Water Views

2814 Grady Lane Anacortes, WA

We have a wonderful newly constructed home for sale that has been artfully designed to take advantage of the beautiful views of the Guemes Channel and the San Juan Islands to the North and the Skyline Marina and Burrows Bay to the South. You will notice an abundance of natural light throughout this open floor plan.

The exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials are found throughout this beautiful home in Anacortes. With a main level living, peaceful master suite, guest suite, dream kitchen, courtyard entrance, fenced level yard and lots of storage this home is a must see!

This home is located in a quiet cul-de-sac and is only a few blocks away from Washington Park hiking trails, boat launch, and beach.

If you are interested in viewing the full listing of this gorgeous newly constructed home for sale in Anacortes, CLICK HERE

Call us today for a private showing! 360.941.3734 or send us an email at

809 7th Street-Anacortes, WA (360)941-3734

Gorgeous View Home in La Conner, WA – Skagit County

16893 View Lane- La Conner, WA 98257

Are you in search of a home in Skagit County with a peaceful neighborhood and a large lot? Look no further! Come see this gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in La Conner, WA!

Enjoy spectacular views of the San Juan Islands, Skagit Bay, and the Olympic Mountains from the comfort of your front porch.

View from Front Porch

This home has been updated with new carpet & new paint. A covered front porch and a romantic gazebo will guarantee first row seats to spectacular sunset views. The community amenities include beach access, tennis courts, and a boat launch where you can fish, crab, or beach comb every day!

Great location only one hour away from Seattle, thirty minutes to NAS in Whidbey Island , and a short drive to Anacortes, WA!

La Conner is a remarkable place to live with diverse communities, cultural and agricultural attractions. There are many reasons why La Conner is a historic tourist attraction, it is a special place to visit or live!

If you would like more information about this beautiful view home in Skagit County, please call Jean Groesbeck at (360)941-3734 or email

Are you ready to buy a new home in Anacortes, WA or Skagit County? Have you talked to a lender first? There are several reasons why the first step to the home buying process is speaking with a lender first! CLICK HERE to learn more!

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